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About Us

All narratives are produced by the Enigma crew and star actors who have been auditioned and selected by Enigma Production's casting directors. The company is constantly accepting applications from potential crew members as well as actors. The company is founded on the philosophy that film should be open to anyone with a passion for the art. For this reason, we strongly encourage those who are interested to read through screenplays on this site as well as apply through the website.

For Hire

If you want an artistic inspiration brought to life, Enigma produces for hire. Submit your project through the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Having produced over twenty shorts and 3 feature-length films, Enigma is able to produce high-quality videos. Crew and equipment for most creations are deployed by hundreds of hours of experience so you can get your project done efficiently. We produce promotional, music, story, training, and special event videos.​

For Production

Enigma produces films based on submissions as well as what the production team adapts for the screen. We encourage screenwriters to submit projects. After review, we will contact you if the company is interested in your project. We will contact writers in regards to the selection of their screenplay and work with our cast and production team to produce new films.   
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